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    A Senior Management role in Sales, reporting to the Head of Sales and Distribution, and responsible for central sales channels that include a national sales call centre, partnership sales call centre and a mortgage origination sales team. This role will be responsible for leading the managers of the various sales teams, ensuring that all teams achieve set sales targets and that operations run efficiently, and the sales teams are managed to optimise performance while maintaining a vibrant and inclusive culture. This role will also drive focus on increasing leads and application submissions, together with optimising how leads are processed to maximise conversion into sales.

    Key Responsibilities:

    A. Manage sales origination targets:

    • Drive execution of origination strategies and sales targets for each team.
    • Input into marketing plans for channels and evaluation of SAHL products.
    • Position and enable the SAHL brand reach for visibility to existing and potential customers.
    • Devise and implement lead generation campaigns and optimize right up to conversion.
    • Monitor origination volumes and provide feedback to Sales Managers.
    • Analyze and monitor monthly sales, business in the pipeline and identify inefficiencies, and formulate remedial actions where gaps exist.
    • Ensure that origination volumes and targets are achieved through central sales channels.
    • Develop relationships with contracted mortgage originators to improve application flows, processing times and take-up of approvals.
    • Assist in planning and implementation of partnership marketing initiatives and plans.
    • Gauge client needs and suggest new products to address emerging needs in the market.

    B. Managing Operations:

    • Develop processes and systems to define the mode of operations within the unit.
    • Assist with exceptions and motivations.
    • Conduct meetings with Sales managers and consultants.
    • Manage costs to budget – individual channels.
    • Budget in line with channel prospects and profile of the target market.
    • Constant review of processes and procedures with the aim to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the channels.
    • Implementation of expense budget for each channel.
    • Review of reports for day to day running of the business.
    • Ensure culture and environment is conducive to channels operating effectively.
    • Development of dynamic strategies for each channel ensuring the alignment to the overall company goals; vision and values
    • Attract, develop, and retain high caliber sales and support staff.
    • Oversee resource planning, capacitation, and development initiatives for the sales teams.
    • Create a culture of coaching, wherein employees understand what the end goal of SAHL is, thus linking their contribution to the bigger whole.
    • Display extensive product knowledge, technical expertise, and social skills.
    • Communicate effectively and provide regular feedback on performance and behavior.
    • Display authentic leadership by the expression of your own example.
    • Build an inclusive and diverse culture, where every employee thrives and is valued irrespective of background.

    D. Managed Risk and Compliance:

    • 100 % Adherence to all company policies and procedures.
    • Anticipate and understand risks within the portfolio, mitigate or manage these effectively.
    • Forge a collaborative relationship with underwriting and fulfilment teams.
    • Demonstrate ethical leadership in dealings with potential partners.

    E. Client focused:

    • Drive a high-level client experience in the channels by keeping teams engaged.
    • Drive the amazing service ethos.
    • Support sales managers with client queries
    • Ensure the happiness and retention of clients.
    • Ensure that clients keep SAHL top of mind, thus giving repeat business and or referring potential customers, and extending goodwill to the next family generations (where applicable)


    • Authentic, ethical leadership
    • People focused
    • Multi-dimensional thinking
    • Client centered
    • Adaptive
    • Resilience
    • Business Acumen
    • Data centric and analytical
    • Excellent communications skills
    • Strong focus on accountability and ownership of execution, problem solving, etc.


    • Matric with a bachelor’s degree or Diploma equivalent in Banking / Business / Sales and Marketing.
    • Recognition of prior learning will be taken into consideration.

    Experience required:

    • Minimum of 5 years sales management experience (internal candidates)
    • At least 10 years sales management experience, with leading people.
    • Financial services, home loans industry and call centre management experience an advantage.

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